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I don't think it's really a pressing issue. I think all of our focus has been on playing better baseball and winning more games.

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You go all the way back to last winter, and he's never had a chance to really get going.
Dave Littlefield

We continue to think of him as part of the answer in the short term. He is certainly the leading candidate.
Dave Littlefield

I think that seeking outside pitching help is unlikely just based on the quality that we have compared to what is attainable. We are in an industry where everybody lacks pitching, particularly starting pitching. No one has enough. Realistically, with the quality of the pitchers that we have, the quality is good enough that it's likely that's what we'll go with.
Dave Littlefield

We have talked to a lot of people in the industry to gather information. A lot of people are calling and are interested. ... It's good to see there are so many good people out there, a nice, experienced group of guys and up-and-comers like Fredi Gonzalez.
Dave Littlefield

The action of throwing has been identified as what had caused the blockage.
Dave Littlefield

You always have to keep that in mind, with how the system works. You have control of their contract for the first three years, the second three years basically through arbitration, and, then after that, (it's) free agency.
Dave Littlefield

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