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(About Religions & Spirituality)

There is no one religion, no one truth and no myth lacks meaning

("City of Bones")

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It sucked to be old enough to want to know what was going on, but so young you were always dismissed.
Cassandra Clare

Crying wouldn't help anything now.
Cassandra Clare

You're a disaster for us, Clary! You're a mundane, you'll always be one, you'll never be a Shadowhunter! You don't know how to think like we do, think about what's best for everyone-- all you think about is yourself! But there's a war now, or there will be, and I don't have time or the inclination to follow around after you, trying to make sure you don't get us killed! Go home, Clary. Go home!
Cassandra Clare

I kick kittens. I made rude gestures at nuns.
Cassandra Clare

Anger, Tessa thought, was satisfying in its own way, when you gave in to it. There was something gratifying about shouting in a blind rage until your words ran out.
Cassandra Clare

His fingers skimmed down her body, over skin and satin, and she shivered, leaning into him, and she was sure they both tasted like blood and ashes and salt, but it didn't matter; the world, the city, and all it's lights and life seemed to have narrowed down to this, just her and Jace, the burning heart of a frozen world.
Cassandra Clare

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