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It has been hard for him. He has played shortstop and third base most of his career and the only way to learn a new position is to play it a lot. He's still learning.

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One of the best things is that a job at Copper will do different things for people. An actual resort management experience might be something they can use as a gateway into this setting.
Carlos Garcia

Yuni doesn't have to improve on anything. He's pretty outstanding at whatever he does.
Carlos Garcia

He'll put the ball in play a lot and won't strike out much. He has to learn to be more patient and learn the strikezone better, but that's a tough thing for Latin players to do because they are such free swingers.
Carlos Garcia

There's nothing I can do. He came to third base with his head down.
Carlos Garcia

There's a lot of people in the community who oppose this, not just PROUD members.
Carlos Garcia

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