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(About Failure)

Obviously it is a failure for everyone. It's on all of us. I'm sure John (GM Ferguson) will figure out what needs to be done and tweak it as he sees necessary. But it's a huge disappointment for all of us.

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There are lots of great players out there, and not in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd make it anyway, ... It was a little disappointing -- because of course I'd love to go -- but all the players that are going are really good players and deserve to be there. That's the way it goes. Hopefully I can keep it going and get an opportunity another year.
Bryan McCabe

We know it's going to be tough. Not too many teams go in there and win a lot of games.
Bryan McCabe

It will be tough. Not many teams go out there and win too many games.
Bryan McCabe

I don't watch anything during the year. Don't read the paper, don't watch any sports news, nothing. I don't need to hear anything.
Bryan McCabe

All I asked for was to have some time to confer with my teammates before casting a vote,
Bryan McCabe

If you guys didn't mention it, I wouldn't have known. I have a one-in-81 chance. Obviously, everyone would love to go, but it's not possible.
Bryan McCabe

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