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They were unselfish. They wanted to win, wanted to learn. They wanted to work, and they wanted to get better.

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George Mason has been playing great. But I thought the key to the game was the 3-point line. That was one thing missing from what people were talking about.
Billy Donovan

There are going to be times when he makes crazy decisions with the ball. But he's such a fast, quick, physical defender that I have a lot of confidence putting him in there.
Billy Donovan

It's very, very obvious watching him play that he's not as reckless and daring and playing like he's capable of. I don't know if there's a level of uncertainty when he plants or jumps or runs, or if he just feels like the pain is so severe that he just can't do what he needs to do.
Billy Donovan

Our schedule has been balanced. There are generally times when you have to play those guaranteed games. You wonder what it does to the mindset of your players, but we've played on the road at Providence and Miami and up in New York against Syracuse and Wake Forest. I think we've been tested.
Billy Donovan

It was good to see those guys get rewarded out there. Our normal rotation guys enjoyed those guys' success on the floor.
Billy Donovan

I feel bad for these kids that the past has to be brought up to them. Some of them weren't even here. Some of them weren't even playing. The only constant is me. I just hope people write about these kids today.
Billy Donovan

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