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Very soon, having four gigabytes of memory will be quite common, ... Improving something by a power of a million is quite dramatic...We simply don't find that kind of improvement anywhere else in the world.

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Absolutely. It's not going to happen overnight, and we should take the tools we have today and get those applied, because we can save half the lives just that way,
Bill Gates

These are jobs that pay great, ... These are fun jobs, and so you'd think right now we'd be having more people applying in them than ever. .But in fact somehow we haven't got the word out. We haven't made it clear the steps to get the right skills to get these jobs.
Bill Gates

That's absolutely an important model because scale is important.
Bill Gates

Steve will absolutely be the business leader, ... I decided I wanted to spend more time with our product groups and drive the breakthroughs. Think of Steve as the business leader and customer champion.
Bill Gates

Windows and the consumer electronics industry are changing dramatically, people live in a world with more digital content and information than ever before.
Bill Gates

This is clearly the most massive attempt at government regulation of the technology industry ever.
Bill Gates

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