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Steve will absolutely be the business leader, ... I decided I wanted to spend more time with our product groups and drive the breakthroughs. Think of Steve as the business leader and customer champion.

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Two years from now, spam will be solved.
Bill Gates

Millions of children have died from malaria because they were not protected by an insecticide-treated bed net or did not receive effective treatment, ... If we expand malaria control programs and invest what's needed in (research and development), we can stop this tragedy.
Bill Gates

This is an exciting evolution for me, ... and a very good transition for the company.
Bill Gates

I keep bumping into that silly quotation attributed to me that says 640K of memory is enough. There's never a citation the quotation just floats like a rumor, repeated again and again.
Bill Gates

The report confirms what has been clear, and that is that the world isn't investing nearly enough in malaria RD,
Bill Gates

The whole idea of the H1-B thing is don't let too many smart people come into the country. Basically, it doesn't make sense. You can't imagine how tough it is to plan as a company where we say, 'Let's have this engineering group and staff it.' You get a few and then you go through these periods where nobody can come in.
Bill Gates

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