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Our services have started out as very inexpensive but not feature-rich, ... Our servers are very feature-rich. So as we bring these things together, we give you the richness and also the choice of having it as server or as a service.

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Windows 2000 already contains features such as the human discipline component, where the PC can send an electric shock through the keyboard if the human does something that does not please Windows.
Bill Gates

We can see this evolving landscape. We've all got a common challenge here.
Bill Gates

People everywhere love Windows.
Bill Gates

Two years from now, spam will be solved.
Bill Gates

If you can't make it good, at least make it look good.
Bill Gates

It's possible to do a much better machine . . . You could put a faster processor in. Intel's has the 8086. I think five years from now the amount of software and the quality of the software on this machine will be incredible. It will dwarf what is available on mainframes, minicomputers and other machines.
Bill Gates

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