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The fact is always simple. The difficulty is in seeing it through the mind which always takes the imaginative way - until it is stilled.

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You will become more conscious if you use the moment of being rebuked or blamed to observe your reaction. You will observe yourself making an excuse, giving a reason.
Barry Long

The only way we can ever get through to the truth is by finding out what we are not. We do that by looking, by observation.
Barry Long

Beauty is the only uncreated thing you can experience apart from God.
Barry Long

Love is beyond the mind because it is always new.
Barry Long

It is by grace that I live, it is by grace that I am speaking now, it is by grace and grace alone. And that grace empties the vehicle of what it needs to be emptied of.
Barry Long

You think, you become that thought. And consciousness, or the state of pure awareness, is lost.
Barry Long

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