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(About God)

Please be kind and compassionate, O Lord of my life I am helpless, and I seek Your Sanctuary, God. Please, give me Your Hand, and lift me up, out of the deep dark pit. I have no clever tricks at all.

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One should engage himself in self study to refine his intelligence and to acquire knowledge.
Atharva Veda

If I fall at their Feet, then I live associating with those humble beings, I remain happy.
Atharva Veda

Serving Him, all treasures are obtained. Worshipping God, honor is obtained. Working for Him is never in vain forever and ever, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.
Atharva Veda

The Supreme Lord God is Merciful to the meek meditating in remembrance on Him, peace is obtained.
Atharva Veda

In his hearth and home, in his palace, upon his soft and comfortable bed, day and night, the flower-girls scatter flower petals but without the Lord's Name, the body is miserable. Horses, elephants, lances, marching bands, armies, standard bearers, royal attendants and ostentatious displays - without the Lord of the Universe, these undertakings are all useless.
Atharva Veda

By Your Will, enticed by the illusion of emotional attachment, the people are asleep they do not wake up.
Atharva Veda

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