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The schools need positive support they need positive comments from community members, Morris said. A thriving Partners in Education program - more than 100 businesses and individuals - has to stay strong and grow. And people need to come to the schools. We constantly invite people to actually see what we are doing, ... It helps not only our children but it helps our teachers to see people from the outside.

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We do not intend to let up any, at all, in what we are doing in our efforts to move up to the next level, ... We are going to work hard to improve.
Anthony Morris

If it's just 100 we won't need any additional personnel, ... It just depends on how they fall out grade wise.
Anthony Morris

I am satisfied in stabbing him Mr Fahri, you intended to kill him.
Anthony Morris

Though the move from level 3 to level 4 is labeled one of the hardest, Superintendent Anthony Morris said he doesn't expect the growth to stop. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I do think it's realistic to keep going up, ... But in order for that to happen it's going to take more than us working hard in the school system.
Anthony Morris

We are really not sure how it's going to affect the calendar, ... Depending on the state level, it may be weighted where we don't have to make up the time.
Anthony Morris

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