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(About Superstitions)

They always have a great field in Phoenix. That's what makes it one of the best tournaments on the tour. I have some wonderful memories from playing in Phoenix, and certainly winning the last two at Superstition Mountain are included, so I'm looking forward to coming back.

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Obviously I'm very happy with my position. It was good steady golf, hitting a lot of fairways and greens and I'm putting very well.
Annika Sorenstam

We don't voice our opinions the way they do. Hopefully, we can let our clubs do the talking.
Annika Sorenstam

Yesterday I walked off feeling I'd left some shots out there,
Annika Sorenstam

I thought yesterday was a long day, one of the longest days on the golf course. It's really hard to stay focused, especially on a course like this.
Annika Sorenstam

It's very important, ... And why is it important Because that motivates me, and that pushes me. If I can visualize something, then it is easier for me to work there. But if I just said, 'Hey, I want to be a better player,' well, what does that mean I need to see things. Goals are things I can understand, I can touch.
Annika Sorenstam

You just know it's going to be slow out there tomorrow and you just have to accept it and stay focused on your own game.
Annika Sorenstam

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