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(About Devils, Romantic Love)

Don't be a fool for the Devil, darling.

("Interview With the Vampire")

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Re-telling the Christian story is the essence of my vocation. That has been going on since the Evangelists in one form or another.
Anne Rice

There may be writing groups where people meet but it's occasional. You really do it all at your own computer or your own typewriter by yourself.
Anne Rice

The most difficult novel I have had to write in terms of just getting it done was The Vampire Lestat. It took a year to write.
Anne Rice

And my heart beat faster for the mountains of eastern Europe, finally, beat faster for the one hope that somewhere we might find in that primitive countryside the answer to why under God this suffering was allowed to exist - why under God it was allowed to begin, and how under God it might be ended. I had not the courage to end it, I knew, without that answer.
Anne Rice

Merciful death, how you love your precious guilt.
Anne Rice

Strong women are absolutely unpredictable.
Anne Rice

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