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The death penalty is barbaric, a disgrace. We're human beings, we're not perfect, and whatever our religions, we all recognize there's a higher authority. I'd like to make Illinois a nationwide leader on this issue.

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About four years ago was the last time I even realized it was Groundhog Day.
Andy Martin

It was a very well played game. We settled down after a couple of innings against a very good pitcher (Brittany Schmitt).
Andy Martin

This article will tell you exactly where to go to catch halibut and what to use. Fishing Hunting News has introduced anglers to thousands of the most productive fishing and hunting areas over the past 51 years and featured precise maps of the very best p
Andy Martin

I plan to call in the morning and see if I can get an emergency hearing.
Andy Martin

The whole purpose of a debate is the exchange of views and seeing the range of views that are available, and not to exclude people. I don't think the judge is going to be very happy because there's no basis on which they included and (didn't include) people.
Andy Martin

Governor Blagojevich and the keno controversy trumped Naperville by one day. We will be in court Wednesday against the Naperville Debate group. The keno case is on its way and the debate litigation is on deck for filing.
Andy Martin

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