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In the name of God, in the name of religion, in the name of any word of sympathy that exists in Iraq, I urge you to release this female journalist.

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There is an article in the constitution concerning the amendment and we are determined to change all articles that risk leading to a division of Iraq.
Adnan Dulaimi

She came to meet me in person and she didn't find me. The kidnapping of this woman is an insult to me and to my work. To the men who are kidnapping her You know that the woman has a special status in our religion, our culture and our principles.
Adnan Dulaimi

We will do our best to make sure this draft fails at the referendum.
Adnan Dulaimi

Kidnapping this noble journalist will decrease the force of the efforts - no, it will interrupt them.
Adnan Dulaimi

This kind of policy would bring nothing but more bloodshed, more chaos and more destruction to Iraq.
Adnan Dulaimi

I was hoping we could build a good relationship.
Adnan Dulaimi

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