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When Sufism was at loggerheads with the legalitarian Islam embodied by the doctors of the Law, known as the fuqaha', according to Henry Corbin ... Ibn Arabi made no secret of his disgust at their stupidity, ignorance, and depravity, and such an attitude was not calculated to win their favor. The tension rose, giving rise to denunciations and arrests our shaikh was in mortal peril. At this critical moment the irreducible antagonism between the spiritual Islam of Sufism and legalitarian Islam became patent. Saved by the intervention of a friendly shaikh, Ibn Arabi had but one concern, to flee far from Cairo and its hateful, bigoted canonists. Where was he to seek refuge He returned to Meca (1207).

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I think it's unfair to both guys, ... And I think it's unfair to me, to put me into that. Anytime a coach wants to make a change or needs to be changed, my name has been put in there unfairly. I'm staying far away from that.

It's hard not to take it personally, because the college admissions process is a very personal one for students.

Friday is our night. No telling what we're going to do Friday night.

I am calling upon President Bush to reverse the outrageous, the reckless and the irresponsible decision to turn over American ports to foreign governments.

He had no complaints until he came off the field the other day, and the complaints were significant enough. He was telling us he was definitely in pain making some of his throws, and that's when we decided to progress the way we did. I can't answer why it started the other day, and it hadn't prior.

It had been the product of concern, and that 4 million build is very large.

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