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The findings suggest that American public opinion is starkly divided when it comes to the role of religion in the public square, and that our nation's proud tradition of church-state separation is threatened as never before.

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In retrospect, it was clear that this was an American foreign policy mistake. We woke up with a catastrophe.
Abraham Foxman

It is shocking and ironic that this one-sided boycott effort comes at a time when Israel is making a series of dramatic steps toward peace, including the recent withdrawal from Gaza.
Abraham Foxman

Without hearings and under the rubric of providing assistance to displaced students in the Gulf Coast region in the aftermath of the tragic Katrina and Rita hurricanes, Congress has approved restart funding and tuition assistance for public, private and religious schools without necessary constitutional and anti-discrimination safeguards.
Abraham Foxman

We additionally welcome the formation of a new President's Council on Student Affairs, which will give students another vehicle for advising the administration on matters of student interest and concern,
Abraham Foxman

For decades, the United States has been a leader in the fight against the Arab economic boycott of Israel, one of the most punitive and long-term restrictive trade practices. The administration's leadership has been critical in securing commitments from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to cease their boycott of Israel. Dubai must take similar public action to even be considered for a deal with the U. S. government.
Abraham Foxman

The bias against Israel has been institutionalized for 50 years, so to expect a miracle in 18 months is having unrealistic expectations. We should welcome the progress but realize that there is a long way to go, and Israel still has to bargain and barter to be recognized the way any other nation is.
Abraham Foxman

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