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You and Me

When we think of all the care
That made life's burden great,
We long for the passing year
To close our sad book of Fate:
But if we should stop a while,
And think once the other way,
Life would be just all a smile,
As we, go on day by day.

We should never make day night
For to darken life's good view;
Round that turning is the light
That shines as a guide to you:
Think of all that's really good,
Then make it your daily rule;
Smile with Nature's Brotherhood,
And none make your footstool.

A proverb for every day,
And one more for each good night,
Should make life so pleasant, yea,
Would lead us to live all right:
Turn not from sane rectitude,
But make life just like a song,
Go ye not with the multitude
To any path that's wholly wrong.