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What you believe

So clear, the message, as he preached
what you believe, so you will act
What do you believe about Christ,
about Creation, the Creator, about the Resurrection,
about the Word made Flesh, the Trinity
about the indwelling of the Spirit
How will you act, based on your beliefs?

Oh, so many seconds, so many moments
in the cadence of the sermon
Wanting to shout back the answer, from the living,
the living words we had read,
that we had pondered,
to answer as Isaiah,
believing in God, in his saving by grace
wherever you want, whatever the task,
"Here I am; Send me!"

The next day, waiting for worship,
pondering these words, ringing still in my ears
no change, no loss in intensity
the words of this prophet
this minister, this servant of God
so I say again, with perhaps more feeling
from deep within my spirit,
Lord, wherever you want, whatever the task,
"Here I am; Send me!"

April 19, 2009
Closing worship service
John 20:19-31
and sermon by Reverend John Blackadar,
New Hampshire District Superintendent
and Isaiah 6:1-8
John 3:1-17
Romans 8:12-17
Advanced Lay Speaker class
April 18, 2009