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Using Our Gifts - v2

Spend time in the vineyard, the field,
the dark places of this world, the orchard, the valley,
using our gifts, to be messengers, faithful disciples,
to be our neighbor's brother, sister, to be Christ's hands and feet
to be the light in the world, His living light
the light to the nations in our time,
Now, in our place, to be the word,
the living word, real and meaningful
the hands of the savior, the loving hands of God,
bringing hope, healing, lifting,
comforting our neighbors, all of them,
around the planet, not just in our backyard
lending a hand, a kind word, good works,
out of love, gratitude for the grace, the blessings on us
Sharing the message of redemption, of saving grace
using the gifts we have been given, all of them
to each are given, all are important
the work of the savior, the church,
of spreading the good news
of God's love, desire for relationship, salvation
to all the nations, all the world

January 30, 2008,
edits May 7, 2008