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The Last Farewell

Good-bye, my friend, in death we part,
To meet in realms more glorious:
A void I feel deep in my heart,
For much there was of love in us:

To see you go is awful pain,
For thou hast been a world to me;
But we shall meet for good again,
To see the light that hallows thee.

This death is only transient;
It leads to brighter and new vales,
So wonderful, munificent,
As prophets tell in holy tales:
Go thou and wait for me a while,
And rest at God's fair borderland,
There with the angels you will smile,
In welcome to the saintly band.

Good-bye, my love, my truest friend;
All else in life for me to do
Was done ere I in grief attend
To say the last farewell to you:
The sod has covered you from view,
But memory dear shall finger still,
And I shall think in heart more true
Of all your good, and not of ill.