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    Aftermath (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    Compelled by calamity’s magnet They loiter and stare as if the house Burnt-out were theirs, or as if they thought Some scandal might any minute ooze From a smoke-choked closet into light; No deaths, no prodigious injuries Glut these hunters … Continue reading

    Spinster (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    Now this particular girl During a ceremonious april walk With her latest suitor Found herself, of a sudden, intolerably struck By the birds’ irregular babel And the leaves’ litter. By this tumult afflicted, she Observed her lover’s gestures unbalance the … Continue reading

    Lorelei (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    It is no night to drown in: A full moon, river lapsing Black beneath bland mirror-sheen, The blue water-mists dropping Scrim after scrim like fishnets Though fishermen are sleeping, The massive castle turrets Doubling themselves in a glass All stillness. … Continue reading

    The Couriers (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    The word of a snail on the plate of a leaf? It is not mine. Do not accept it. Acetic acid in a sealed tin? Do not accept it. It is not genuine. A ring of gold with the sun … Continue reading

    Purdah (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    Jade — Stone of the side, The antagonized Side of green Adam, I Smile, cross-legged, Enigmatical, Shifting my clarities. So valuable! How the sun polishes this shoulder! And should The moon, my Indefatigable cousin Rise, with her cancerous pallors, Dragging … Continue reading

    A Better Resurrection (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    I have no wit, I have no words, no tears; My heart within me like a stone Is numbed too much for hopes or fears; Look right, look left, I dwell alone; A lift mine eyes, but dimmed with grief … Continue reading

    April 18 (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    the slime of all my yesterdays rots in the hollow of my skull and if my stomach would contract because of some explicable phenomenon such as pregnancy or constipation I would not remember you or that because of sleep infrequent … Continue reading

    I Am Vertical (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    But I would rather be horizontal. I am not a tree with my root in the soil Sucking up minerals and motherly love So that each March I may gleam into leaf, Nor am I the beauty of a garden … Continue reading

    The Other (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    You come in late, wiping your lips. What did I leave untouched on the doorstep— White Nike, Streaming between my walls? Smilingly, blue lightning Assumes, like a meathook, the burden of his parts. The police love you, you confess everything. … Continue reading

    Gigolo (Sylvia Plath Poems)

    Pocket watch, I tick well. The streets are lizardly crevices Sheer-sided, with holes where to hide. It is best to meet in a cul-de-sac, A palace of velvet With windows of mirrors. There one is safe, There are no family … Continue reading

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