Rg Gregory Poems (140 Poems)

adventure (Rg Gregory Poem)

just as the dusk comes hooting down through the shivering black leaves of the swinging trees we (the brave ones ...

eight roundels (Rg Gregory Poem)

(roundel: variation of the rondeau consisting of three stanzas of three lines each, linked together with but two rhymes and ...

happiness (Rg Gregory Poem)

for kelly happiness is the stuff of birthdays and the coming of sweet things when they are not expected happiness ...

(filtered) (Rg Gregory Poem)

a nearby field provides the plants sometimes with a wild profusion (organisation seems a long way off) it takes an ...

penelope (Rg Gregory Poem)

name meaning thread weaver or duck (these may be guesses from obscurity) ten-year faithful wife whilst her husband was gallivanting ...

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