Ralph Knevet Poems on Wit (14 Poems)

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    Rhodon And Iris. Act I (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Poneria, Agnostus.Ag.   Is the worlds eye not yet asleepe? Po.   Hath Jove not yet put on his starry night-cap?  No; nor Juno her spangl’d smocke? Ag.   What, hath Hesperus forgot to light heavens tapers up?  Or be the Charret wheeles of Night o’re loaden  with the … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act III (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Clematis Solo   Well, if I were but once rid of her service,   If I ever serv’d love-sicke mistris againe,   I would feed all my life time on Agnus Castus,   And give all the world leave to let me dye a maid:   I even spoyld a … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act V (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Acanthus, Anthophotus.An.    Thou speak’st of things beyond beleefe, Acanthus. Ac.    Too true it is, I shrewdly feare,   For every circumstance makes it appeare   That Rhodon in the mirtle grove, last night,   Had private conference with Iris,   From whom (it seemes) he tooke the venom’d potion,   For now … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act II (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Poneria, Agnostus.Po.   Bold foolish wickednesse is that   Which walks by day, expos’d to the world’s eie.   Sinne is the daughter of the darkest night,   And therefore doth abhorre to come to light.   Give me that cole blacke sinne that can lye hid.   Under the candid robes … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act IV (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Iris, Panace, Violetta.Ir.    Curst was the wight that did in murther first   Embrue his guilty hands: curst was that hand     Which first was taught by damned hellish art   To forge the killing blade in Vulcans flames:   What raging fury raignes in mortall brests,   That man should … Continue reading

    A Threnode (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Upon the Death of those two Honourable Gentlemen, Sir JOHN BURROWES, late Lieutenant of the English Infantrie in the Ile of Ree, and Sir WILLIAM HEYDON, Lieutenant of the Ordinance   The thousand Torch-bearers of Jove,  Which mightily to his Bed him … Continue reading

    To Mr. Thomas Knevet Of Ashwell Thorpe (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Thou, that dost know thy Starres, canst calculate  Thy geniture, and see to what end fate  Did lend thee to the earth; auspicious be  Thy favours, like thy Starres to mine and me:  Thou knowst thy Starres (I say) for good men know  Wherefore th’ … Continue reading

    To Sir John Hobart (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Since [th’] are no thriving arts: but whats well gain’d  May with much comfort, and long be retain’d,  But Justice oft cryes the oppressour quit,  By sending his yong Heyre too scant a wit  For his large meanes; that soone all goes to pot:  For … Continue reading

    To Mr. Pettie Of Morley (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Some of thy wealth talke, but I praise thy wit,  And many worthy vertues gracing it.  But thy great love to Arts, so make[s] me thine,    That my true heart shall ever be the shrine  Of thy good name, which in the Booke of … Continue reading

    To Sir John Hare (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Want in a plentie is too rife with us;  So in the streame chin-deepe stands Tantalus  Wooing the coye Apples: and tis oft found  That wit is scarce, where riches doe abound.  For golden Asses are no dainties here,  They may be dayly seene, even … Continue reading

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