Paul Eluard Poems (55 Poems)

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    Nusch (Paul Eluard Poems)

    The sentiments apparentThe lightness of approachThe tresses of caresses. Without worry or suspicionYour eyes confide in what they seeSeen by what they gaze at. Confidence of crystalBetween two mirrorsAt night your eyes are lostTo fuse waking to desire. (Paul Eluard)

    Obsession (Paul Eluard Poems)

    After years of wisdomDuring which the world was transparent as a needleWas it cooing about something else?After having vied with returned favours squandered treasureMore than a red lip with a red tipAnd more than a white leg with a white … Continue reading

    ‘She Looks Into Me.’ (Paul Eluard Poems)

    She looks into meThe unknowing heartTo see if I loveShe has confidence she forgetsUnder the clouds of her eyelidsHer head falls asleep in my handsWhere are weTogether inseparableAlive aliveHe alive she aliveAnd my head rolls through her dreams. (Paul Eluard)

    In A New Night (Paul Eluard Poems)

    Woman I’ve lived withWoman I live withWoman I’ll live withAlways the sameYou need a red cloakRed gloves a red maskAnd dark stockingsThe reasons the proofsOf seeing you quite nakedNudity pure O ready finery Breasts O my heart (Paul Eluard)

    Nearer To Us (Paul Eluard Poems)

    Run and run towards deliveranceAnd find and gather everythingDeliverance and richesRun so quickly the thread breaksWith the sound a great bird makesA flag always soared beyond (Paul Eluard)

    Series (Paul Eluard Poems)

    For the splendour of the day of happinesses in the airTo live the taste of colours easilyTo enjoy loves so as to laughTo open eyes at the final moment She has every willingness. (Paul Eluard)

    The Immediate Life (Paul Eluard Poems)

    What’s become of you why this white hair and pinkWhy this forehead these eyes rent apart heart-rendingThe great misunderstanding of the marriage of radiumSolitude chases me with its rancour. (Paul Eluard)

    Our Life (Paul Eluard Poems)

    We’ll not reach the goal one by one but in pairsWe know in pairs we will know all about usWe’ll love everything our children will smileAt the dark history or mourn alone (Paul Eluard)

    Even When We Sleep (Paul Eluard Poems)

    Even when we sleep we watch over each otherAnd this love heavier than a lake’s ripe fruitWithout laughter or tears lasts foreverOne day after another one night after us. (Paul Eluard)

    Open Door (Paul Eluard Poems)

    Life is truly kindCome to me, if I go to you it’s a game,The angels of bouquets grant the flowers a change of hue. (Paul Eluard)

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