Pablo Neruda Poems (144 Poems)

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    Sonata (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Neither the heart cut by a piece of glassin a wasteland of thornsnor the atrocious waters seen in the cornersof certain houses, waters like eyelids and eyescan capture your waist in my handswhen my heart lifts its oakstowards your unbreakable … Continue reading

    The Dead Woman (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    If suddenly you do not exist,if suddenly you no longer live,I shall live on. I do not dare,I do not dare to write it,if you die. I shall live on. For where a man has no voice,there, my voice. Where … Continue reading

    Some Beasts (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    It was the twilight of the iguana: From a rainbowing battlement,a tongue like a javelinlunging in verdure;an ant heap treading the jungle,monastic, on musical feet;the guanaco, oxygen-finein the high places swarthed with distances,cobbling his feet into gold;the llama of scrupulous … Continue reading

    La Muerta (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Si de pronto no existes,si de pronto no vives,yo seguir (Pablo Neruda)

    Poor Creatures (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    What it takes on this planet,to make love to each other in peace.Everyone pries under your sheets,everyone interferes with your loving.They say terrible things about a man and a woman,who after much milling about,all sorts of compunctions,do something unique,they both … Continue reading

    The Fear (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    They all ask me to jumpto invigorate and to play soccer,to run, to swim and to fly. Very well.  They all advise me rest,they all send me to the doctor,looking at me a certain way. What happens?  They all advise me to … Continue reading

    Waltz (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    I touch hatred like a covered breast;I without stopping go from garment to garment,sleeping at a distance. I am not, I’m of no use, I do not knowanyone; I have no weapons of ocean or wood,I do not live in … Continue reading

    Your Hands (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    When your hands leaptowards mine, love,what do they bring me in flight?Why did they stopat my lips, so suddenly,why do I know them,as if once before,I have touched them,as if, before being,they travelledmy forehead, my waist?Their smoothness camewinging through time,over … Continue reading

    The Portrait In The Rock (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Oh yes I knew him, I spent years with him,with his golden and stony substance,he was a man who was tired –in Paraguay he left his father and mother,his sons, his nephews,his latest in-laws,his house, his chickens,and some half-opened books.They … Continue reading

    What Spain Was Like (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Spain was a taut, dry drum-headDaily beating a dull thudFlatlands and eagle’s nestSilence lashed by the storm.How much, to the point of weeping, in my soulI love your hard soil, your poor bread,Your poor people, how much in the deep … Continue reading

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