Pablo Neruda Poems (144 Poems)

Sonata (Pablo Neruda Poems)

Neither the heart cut by a piece of glassin a wasteland of thornsnor the atrocious waters seen in the cornersof ...

Some Beasts (Pablo Neruda Poems)

It was the twilight of the iguana:From a rainbowing battlement,a tongue like a javelinlunging in verdure;an ant heap treading the ...

The Fear (Pablo Neruda Poems)

They all ask me to jumpto invigorate and to play soccer,to run, to swim and to fly. Very well. They all advise ...

Waltz (Pablo Neruda Poems)

I touch hatred like a covered breast;I without stopping go from garment to garment,sleeping at a distance.I am not, I'm ...

Your Hands (Pablo Neruda Poems)

When your hands leaptowards mine, love,what do they bring me in flight?Why did they stopat my lips, so suddenly,why do ...

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