Pablo Neruda Poems on Man (19 Poems)

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    The People (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    I recall that man and not two centurieshave passed since I saw him,he went neither by horse nor by carriage:purely on foothe outstrippeddistances,and carried no sword or armour,only nets on his shoulder,axe or hammer or spade,never fighting the rest of … Continue reading

    And because Love battles (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    And because love battlesnot only in its burning agriculturesbut also in the mouth of men and women,I will finish off by taking the path awayto those who between my chest and your fragrancewant to interpose their obscure plant. About me, … Continue reading

    The Wide Ocean (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Ocean, if you were to give, a measure, a ferment, a fruitof your gifts and destructions, into my hand,I would choose your far-off repose, your contour of steel,your vigilant spaces of air and darkness,and the power of your white tongue,that … Continue reading

    We Are Many (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Of the many men whom I am, whom we are,I cannot settle on a single one.They are lost to me under the cover of clothingThey have departed for another city. When everything seems to be setto show me off as … Continue reading

    Ode To The Book (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    When I close a bookI open life.I hearfaltering criesamong harbours.Copper ignotsslide down sand-pitsto Tocopilla.Night time.Among the islandsour oceanthrobs with fish,touches the feet, the thighs,the chalk ribsof my country.The whole of nightclings to its shores, by dawnit wakes up singingas if … Continue reading

    Castro Alves From Brazil (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Castro Alves from Brazil, for whom did you sing?Did you sing for the flower? For the waterwhose beauty whispered words to the stones?Did you sing to the eyes, to the torn profileof the woman you once loved? For the spring? … Continue reading

    Ode to Clothes (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Every morning you wait,clothes, over a chair,to fill yourself withmy vanity, my love,my hope, my body.Barelyrisen from sleep,I relinquish the water,enter your sleeves,my legs look forthe hollows of your legs,and so embracedby your indefatigable faithfulnessI rise, to tread the grass,enter … Continue reading

    Ode to My Socks (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    Mara Mori brought mea pair of sockswhich she knitted herselfwith her sheepherder’s hands,two socks as soft as rabbits.I slipped my feet into themas if they were two casesknitted with threads of twilight and goatskin,Violent socks,my feet were two fish made … Continue reading

    The Dead Woman (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    If suddenly you do not exist,if suddenly you no longer live,I shall live on. I do not dare,I do not dare to write it,if you die. I shall live on. For where a man has no voice,there, my voice. Where … Continue reading

    Poor Creatures (Pablo Neruda Poems)

    What it takes on this planet,to make love to each other in peace.Everyone pries under your sheets,everyone interferes with your loving.They say terrible things about a man and a woman,who after much milling about,all sorts of compunctions,do something unique,they both … Continue reading

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