Poetry Poems (1966 Poems)

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    Now Winter Nights Enlarge (Thomas Campion Poems)

    Now winter nights enlargeThis number of their hours;And clouds their storms dischargeUpon the airy towers.Let now the chimneys blazeAnd cups o’erflow with wine,Let well-tuned words amazeWith harmony divine.Now yellow waxen lightsShall wait on honey loveWhile youthful revels, masques, and courtly … Continue reading

    Weaving at Night (Ho Xuan Huong Poems)

    Lampwick turned up, the room glows white.The looms moves easily all night long as feet work and push below.Nimbly the shuttle flies in and out, wide or narrow, big or small, sliding in snug.Long or short, it glides out smoothly. … Continue reading

    The Violet’s Complaint To Nature (Mrs. Walter Spencer Poems)

    Occasioned by a Lady having presented a Gentleman, inreturn for a poem, with a golden violet. In imitation ofthe ancient Provencals. AH ! me! poor simple flower! I fondly thought,A Poet’s soul could ne’er by GOLD be bought!Oh! I could … Continue reading

    Untitled #6 (Janina Degutyte Poems)

    Bygones cannot be bygones.Only streets and squareshave forgotten the smell of fire.Only fieldshave forgotten the taste of blood.Iron forsaken still bleeds with rust.Bygones cannot be bygones.Time’s not a beast, it cannotlick its woundswith a rough wet tongue.We bear its wounds … Continue reading

    To My Good Master (James Whitcomb Riley Poems)

    In fancy, always, at thy desk, thrown wide,  Thy most betreasured books ranged neighborly–  The rarest rhymes of every land and sea And curious tongue–thine old face glorified,– Thou haltest thy glib quill, and, laughing-eyed,  Givest hale welcome even unto me,  Profaning thus thine attic’s sanctity, To … Continue reading

    March (Patrick Kavanagh Poems)

      There’s a wind blowing  Cold through the corridors,  A ghost-wind,  The flapping of defeated wings,  A hell-fantasy  From meadows damned  To eternal April   And listening, listening  To the wind  I hear  The throat-rattle of dying men,  From whose ears oozes  Foamy blood,  Throttled in a brothel.   I see brightly  In the wind vacancies  Saint … Continue reading

    The Abbey (John William Inchbold Poems)

    We only know that all in peace have rest, The Babe that died betwixt its sob and smile, The Knight whose fame reached farthest east and west, The sweetest Queen of Love in love’s own Isle; The Poet’s name is whispered gently here, The Statesman’s … Continue reading

    The Poet And The Baby (Paul Laurence Dunbar Poems)

    How’s a man to write a sonnet, can you tell,– How’s he going to weave the dim, poetic spell,–  When a-toddling on the floor  Is the muse he must adore, And this muse he loves, not wisely, but too well?  Now, to write a … Continue reading

    For Ever Hard To Meet… (Li Shang yin Poems)

    For ever hard to meet, and as hard to part.Each flower spoiled in the failing East wind.Spring’s silkworms wind till death their heart’s threads:The wick of the candle turns to ash before its tears dry.Morning mirror’s only care, a change … Continue reading

    The Secret Of Poetry (Jon Anderson Poems)

    When I was lonely, I thought of death.When I thought of death I was lonely. I suppose this error will continue.I shall enter each gray morning Delighted by frost, which is death,& the trees that stand alone in mist. When … Continue reading

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