Loneliness Poems (425 Poems)

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    The Old Sheperd’s Recollections (Matilda Betham Poems)

    Low, heavy clouds are hanging on the hills,  And half-impatient of the sun’s approach,  Shake sullenly their cold and languid wings!  Oh! it is fine to see his morning beams  Burst on the gloom, while, in disorder’d flight,  The shuddering, mournful vapours steal away;  Like the … Continue reading

    A Dialogue At Fiesole (Alfred Austin Poems)

    HE.Halt here awhile. That mossy-cushioned seatIs for your queenliness a natural throne;As I am fitly couched on this low sward,Here at your feet. SHE.And I, in thought, at yours:My adoration, deepest. HE.Deep, so deep,I have no thought wherewith to fathom … Continue reading

    Lines On The Death Of The Princess Charlotte (John Anster Poems)

    Weep!–for the wrath of God is over us!Weep!–for his arm is lifted to destroy!Famine hath thinned the land! in Autumn’s galeWe felt his icy breath:–Plague rushes by,Or, resting in clear air on silent wing,Numbers his victims, who behold him not.–Still … Continue reading

    Prometheus (James Russell Lowell Poems)

    One after one the stars have risen and set,Sparkling upon the hoarfrost on my chain:The Bear, that prowled all night about the foldOf the North-star, hath shrunk into his den.Scared by the blithesome footsteps of the Dawn,Whose blushing smile floods … Continue reading

    Zamri. A fragment (John Anster Poems)

    Hast thou sailed on the summer seaWhen its bosom lies in light?And have the scenes of life to theeBeen as beautiful and brightAs the vallies of ocean, lovelilyShining to court the sight?To thee do I sing;–’tis a tale of fear,Of … Continue reading

    Mazelli – Canto I (George W Sands Poems)

    I. “Stay, traveller, stay thy weary steed,The sultry hour of noon is near,Of rest thy way-worn limbs have need,Stay, then, and, taste its sweetness here.The mountain path which thou hast spedIs steep, and difficult to tread,And many a farther step … Continue reading

    The Celt’s Paradise. First Duan (John Banim Poems)

    OSSIAN. Man of prayers, lead me forthFrom our silent cell of care,The morning–breeze to me is worthAll thy hymns and all thy prayer–For dark and loncly have we prayed–Our psalms are sung, our penance said–Thou hast told me, I am forgiven,And … Continue reading

    I Stood Tip-Toe Upon A Little Hill (John Keats Poems)

    I stood tip-toe upon a little hill, The air was cooling, and so very still, That the sweet buds which with a modest pride Pull droopingly, in slanting curve aside, Their scantly leaved, and finely tapering stems,    Had not yet lost those starry diadems Caught from … Continue reading

    Mabel Martin (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    A HARVEST IDYL. PROEM.I CALL the old time back: I bring my layin tender memory of the summer dayWhen, where our native river lapsed away, We dreamed it over, while the thrushes madeSongs of their own, and the great pine-trees … Continue reading

    Ole (Giorgi Leonidze Poems)

          1.                  Lone tree, on a rock by Liakhvi,      You stand, clothed in tatters, –      Ole,            Ole,                 Solitary,      All day and through long nights;      Inside something is burning you –      Poisoned by loneliness,      From inside you have split outward,      Your bark cracked and flaking.      You have grown both straight and crooked      A tree … Continue reading

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