Matilda Betham Poems on Fear (24 Poems)

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    The Lay Of Marie – Canto First (Matilda Betham Poems)

    The guests are met, the feast is near,  But Marie does not yet appear!  And to her vacant seat on high  Is lifted many an anxious eye.  The splendid show, the sumptuous board,  The long details which feuds afford,  And discontent is prone to hold,  Absorb the … Continue reading

    The Lay Of Marie – Canto Second (Matilda Betham Poems)

    Some, fearing Marie’s tale was o’er,  Lamented that they heard no more;  While Brehan, from her broken lay,  Portended what she yet might say.  As the untarrying minutes flew,  More anxious and alarm’d he grew.  At length he spake:–“We wait too long  The remnant of this wilder’d … Continue reading

    The Lay Of Marie – Canto Third (Matilda Betham Poems)

    “Careless alike who went or came,  I seldom ask’d the stranger’s name,  When such a being came in view  As eagerly the question drew.  ‘The Lady Osvalde,’ some one cried,  ‘Sir Eustace’ late appointed bride,  His richest ward the king’s behest  Gives to the bravest and the … Continue reading

    Cen’lin, Prince Of Mercia (Matilda Betham Poems)

    WHEN Britain many chiefs obey’d,And seven Saxon princes sway’d,The Mercian monarch, fam’d afar,In peace respected, fear’d in war,Favour’d by heav’n above the rest,In his brave son was fully blest;For none like Cen’lin did arise,So virtuous, elegant, and wise.Of partial Mercian … Continue reading

    Edgar And Ellen (Matilda Betham Poems)

    “Arrest thy steps! On these sad plains,   Fair dame, no farther go!  But listen to the martial strains,   Whose wildness speaks of woe!   Hark! strife is forward on the field,   I hear the trumpet’s bray!  Now spear to spear, and shield to shield,   Decides the dreadful … Continue reading

    Vignette – XVIII (Matilda Betham Poems)

    _Written jointly with a particular Friend, after a conversationsimilar to the subject, with the Damon of the Story_.  ——– Believing love was all a bubble,And wooing but a needless trouble,Damon grew fond of posied rings,And many such romantic things;But whether … Continue reading

    Arthur And Albina (Matilda Betham Poems)

    AH me! the yellow western sky turns pale,And leaves the cheerless sons of earth to mourn;And yet I hear not in the silent vale,A sound to tell me Arthur does return.Ah, haste ye hours! quick plume the loit’ring wing!Bring back … Continue reading

    Fragment 3 (Matilda Betham Poems)

    A Pilgrim weary, toil-subdued,  I reach’d a country, strange and rude,  And trembled, lest approaching eve  My hope of shelter might deceive;  When I espied a hunter train,  Prowling at leisure o’er the plain,  And hasten’d on to ask relief,  Of the ill-omen’d, haughty chief.  His eye was … Continue reading

    The Daughter (Matilda Betham Poems)

    “Come, mournful lute! dear echo of my woe!   No stranger’s tread in this lone spot I fear,  Sweeter thy notes in such wild places flow,   And, what is more, my Henry cannot hear!   “He will not know my pain and my despair,   When that … Continue reading

    The Terrors Of Guilt (Matilda Betham Poems)

    YON coward, with the streaming hair,And visage, madden’d to despair,With step convuls’d, unsettled eye,And bosom lab’ring with a sigh,Is Guilt! —-Behold, he hears the name,And starts with horror, fear, and shame!See! slow Suspicion by his side,With winking, microscopic eye!And Mystery, … Continue reading

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