Louisa May Alcott Poems (99 Poems)

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    Clover-Blossom (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    In a quiet, pleasant meadow,  Beneath a summer sky,  Where green old trees their branches waved,  And winds went singing by;  Where a little brook went rippling  So musically low,  And passing clouds cast shadows  On the waving grass below;  Where low, sweet notes of brooding birds  Stole out … Continue reading

    In The Garret (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    Four little chests all in a row,    Dim with dust, and worn by time,    All fashioned and filled, long ago,    By children now in their prime.    Four little keys hung side by side,    With faded ribbons, brave and gay    When fastened there, with childish pride,    Long ago, … Continue reading

    The Flower’s Lesson (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    There grew a fragrant rose-tree where the brook flows,  With two little tender buds, and one full rose;  When the sun went down to his bed in the west,  The little buds leaned on the rose-mother’s breast,  While the bright eyed stars their long … Continue reading

    Little Paul (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    CHEERFUL voices by the sea-sideEchoed through the summer air,Happy children, fresh and rosy,Sang and sported freely there,Often turning friendly glances,Where, neglectful of them all,On his bed among the gray rocks,Mused the pale child, little Paul. For he never joined their pastimes,Never … Continue reading

    The Downward Road (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    Two Yankee maids of simple mien,  And earnest, high endeavour,  Come sailing to the land of France,  To escape the winter weather.  When first they reached that vicious shore  They scorned the native ways,  Refused to eat the native grub,  Or ride in native shays.  ‘Oh, for the … Continue reading

    A Little Grey Curl (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    A little grey curl from my father’s head  I find unburned on the hearth, And give it a place in my diary here,  With a feeling half sadness, half mirth. For the long white locks are our special pride,  Though he smiles at his daughter’s … Continue reading

    My Beth (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    Sitting patient in the shadow    Till the blessed light shall come,    A serene and saintly presence    Sanctifies our troubled home.    Earthly joys and hopes and sorrows    Break like ripples on the strand    Of the deep and solemn river    Where her willing feet now stand.     O my sister, … Continue reading

    Little Nell (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    GLEAMING through the silent church-yard,Winter sunlight seemed to shedGolden shadows like soft blessingsO’er a quiet little bed, Where a pale face lay unheedingTender tears that o’er it fell;No sorrow now could touch the heartOf gentle little Nell. Ah, with what silent patient … Continue reading

    Our Little Ghost (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    Oft, in the silence of the night, When the lonely moon rides high,When wintry winds are whistling, And we hear the owl’s shrill cry,In the quiet, dusky chamber, By the flickering firelight,Rising up between two sleepers, Comes a spirit all in white. A winsome … Continue reading

    Mary’s Dream (Louisa May Alcott Poems)

    The moon had climbed the eastern hill    Which rises o’er the sands of Dee,    And from its highest summit shed    A silver light on tower and tree,    When Mary laid her down to sleep    (Her thoughts on Sandy far at sea);    When soft and low a … Continue reading

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