Karl Shapiro Poems (21 Poems)

Aside (Karl Shapiro Poems)

Mail-day, and over the world in a thousand drag-nets   The bundles of letters are dumped on the docks and beaches,   And all ...

The Fly (Karl Shapiro Poems)

O hideous little bat, the size of snot,With polyhedral eye and shabby clothes,To populate the stinking cat you walkThe promontory ...

University (Karl Shapiro Poems)

To hurt the Negro and avoid the JewIs the curriculum. In mid-SeptemberThe entering boys, identified by hats,Wander in a maze ...

The Alphabet (Karl Shapiro Poems)

The letters of the Jews as strict as flamesOr little terrible flowers leanStubbornly upwards through the perfect ages,Singing through solid ...

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