John Oxenham Poems on God (28 Poems)

Kapiolani (John Oxenham Poems)

Where the great green combers break in thunder on the barrier reefs,--Where, unceasing, sounds the mighty diapason of the deep,--Ringed ...

Wandered (John Oxenham Poems)

The wind blows shrill along the hill,--_Black is the night and cold_--The sky hangs low with its weight of snow,And ...

All’s Well! (John Oxenham Poems)

Is the pathway dark and dreary?  God's in His heaven!Are you broken, heart-sick, weary?  God's in His heaven!Dreariest roads shall have an ...

Livingstone The Builder (John Oxenham Poems)

_With a will!    With a will!  With a will and surely!    Without fail,    Drive each nail,  Build we so, securely_!The Pioneer,--the Undaunted One,Worn with long ...

Macedonia, 1903 (John Oxenham Poems)

Devils' work!Devils' work, my masters!   _Britain, your hands are red_!You may close your heart, but you cannot shirkThis terrible fact,--_We--kept--the--Turk_.His day ...

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