Ivor Gurney Poems on Music (8 Poems)

The Road (Ivor Gurney Poems)

Out beyond Aldgate is a road,And a broad,Clean, noble thing it runs,For the sun'sAnd wind's and man's delight,And the high ...

Laventie (Ivor Gurney Poems)

One would remember stillMeadows and low hillLaventie was, as to the line and elm rowGrowing through green strength wounded, as ...

Ben Johnson (Ivor Gurney Poems)

Few have praised the master of masters, who but IHave right, that followed example, and did not lieIdly between clean ...

Snow (Ivor Gurney Poems)

There's not a sound tonightI look out and am beatenIn my face by curious, white,Unexpected flakesOf snow in a daze ...

The Change (Ivor Gurney Poems)

Gone bare the fields now, and the starlings gather,Whirr above stubble and soft changing hedges.Changed the season chord too, F ...

Turmut-Hoeing (Ivor Gurney Poems)

I straightened my back from turmut-hoeingAnd saw, with suddenly opened eyes,Tall trees, a meadow ripe for mowing,And azure June's cloud-circled ...

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