Ivor Gurney Poems on Mind (19 Poems)

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    Thoughts of New England (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Gloucester streets walking in Autumn twilight,Past Kineburgh’s cottage and old Raven Tavern,That Hoare he kept, the Puritan, who tiredOr fired, and took a passage in the ‘Mayflower’,Gloucester streets walking in frost-clear hour –Of ‘Captains Courageous’ as a boy read, thinking,And … Continue reading

    The Road (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Out beyond Aldgate is a road,And a broad,Clean, noble thing it runs,For the sun’sAnd wind’s and man’s delight,And the high stars at night.There go JewessesAnd Poles and Russ and thesePale-faced sons,Daughter of Thames and Paul’sBetwixt walls and high wallsOf sooted … Continue reading

    A Wish (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    I would hope for the children of West HamWooden-frame houses, square with some-sort stuffCrammed in to keep the wind away that’s rough,And rain, in summer cool, in cold comfortable enough.Easily destroyed – and pretty enough, and yet toughInstead of brick … Continue reading

    Of Grandcourt (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Through miles of mud we travelled, and by sick valleys-The Valley of Death at last – most evil alleys,To Grandcourt trenches reserve – and the hell’s name it did  deserve.Rain there was – tired and weak I was, glad for an … Continue reading

    Canadians (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    We marched, and saw a company of CanadiansTheir coats weighed eighty pounds at least, we saw themFaces infinitely grimed in, with almost dead handsBent, slouching downwards to billets comfortless and dim.Cave dwellers last of tribes they seemed, and a pityEven … Continue reading

    Hedger (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    To me the A Major Concerto has been dearerThan ever before, because I saw one weaveWonderful patterns of bright green, never clearerOf April; whose hand nothing at all did deceiveOf laying rightThe stakes brightGreen lopped-off spear-shaped,     and stuck notched, crooked-up;Wonder was … Continue reading

    To God (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Why have you made life so intolerableAnd set me between four walls, where I am ableNot to escape meals without prayer, for that is possibleOnly by annoying an attendant. And tonight a sensualHell has been put on me, so that … Continue reading

    Beauty (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    I cannot live with Beauty out of mind.I search for her and desire her all the day;Beauty, the choicest treasure you may find,Most joyous and sweetest word his lips can say.The crowded heart in me is quick with visionsAnd sweetest … Continue reading

    Larches (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Larches are most fitting small red hillsThat rise like swollen antheaps likeablyAnd modest before big things like near MalvernOr Cotswold’s farther early ItalianBlue arrangement; unassuming as theCowslips, celandines, buglewort and daisiesThat trinket out the green swerves like a child’s game.O … Continue reading

    New Year’s Eve (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Aveluy and New Year’s eve, and the time as tenderAs if green buds grew. In the low West a slenderStreak of last orange. Guns mostly deadest still.And a noise of limbers near, coming down the hill.Nothing doing, nothing doing, and … Continue reading

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