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    Cradle Hymn (Isaac Watts Poems)

     Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber;  Holy angels guard thy bed; Heavenly blessings without number  Gently falling on thy head.  Sleep, my babe, thy food and raiment,  House and home, thy friends provide; All without thy care, or payment,  All thy wants are well supplied. … Continue reading

    Hymn 69 (Isaac Watts Poems)

    The faithfulness of God in the promises. [Begin, my tongue, some heav’nly theme,And speak some boundless thing;The mighty works, or mightier name,Of our eternal King. Tell of his wondrous faithfulness,And sound his power abroad;Sing the sweet promise of his grace,And … Continue reading

    Hymn 117 (Isaac Watts Poems)

    Election sovereign and free. Rom. 9:20-23. Behold the potter and the clay,He forms his vessels as he please:Such is our God, and such are we,The subjects of his high decrees. [Doth not the workman’s power extendO’er all the mass, which … Continue reading

    Psalm 10 (Isaac Watts Poems)

    Prayer heard, saints saved, and oppressors punished.For a humiliation day. Why doth the Lord stand off so far?And why conceal his face,When great calamities appear,And times of deep distress? Lord, shall the wicked still derideThy justice and thy power?Shall they … Continue reading

    Psalm 78 part 4 (Isaac Watts Poems)

    v.32ffL. M.Backsliding and forgiveness; or, Sin punished and saints saved. Great God, how oft did Isr’el proveBy turns thine anger and thy love!There in a glass our hearts may seeHow fickle and how false they be. How soon the faithless … Continue reading

    Hymn 37 part 2 (Isaac Watts Poems)

    Zeal and fortitude. Matt. 5:16. Do I believe what Jesus saith,And think his gospel true?Lord, make me bold to own my faith,And practise virtue too. Suppress my shame, subdue my fear,Arm me with heav’nly zeal,That I may make thy power … Continue reading

    Hymn 8 (Isaac Watts Poems)

    The tree of life [COME, Jet us join a joyful tune,To our exalted Lord,Ye saints on high around his throne,And we around his board. While once upon this lower groundWeary and faint ye stood,What dear refreshments here ye foundFrom this … Continue reading

    Psalm 138 (Isaac Watts Poems)

    Restoring and preserving grace. [With all my powers of heart and tongueI’ll praise my Maker in my song:Angels shall hear the notes I raise,Approve the song, and join the praise. Angels that make thy church their careShall witness my devotions … Continue reading

    The Sluggard (Isaac Watts Poems)

    ‘Tis the voice of the sluggard; I heard him complain,“You have waked me too soon, I must slumber again.”As the door on its hinges, so he on his bed,Turns his sides and his shoulders and his heavy head. “A little … Continue reading

    The Incomprehensible (Isaac Watts Poems)

     FAR in the Heavens my God retires:  My God, the mark of my desires,  And hides his lovely face; When he descends within my view, He charms my reason to pursue,     But leaves it tir’d and fainting in th’ unequal chase.   Or if I … Continue reading

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