Isaac Watts Poems (479 Poems)

Cradle Hymn (Isaac Watts Poems)

 Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber;  Holy angels guard thy bed; Heavenly blessings without number  Gently falling on thy head. Sleep, my babe, ...

Hymn 69 (Isaac Watts Poems)

The faithfulness of God in the promises.[Begin, my tongue, some heav'nly theme,And speak some boundless thing;The mighty works, or mightier ...

Hymn 117 (Isaac Watts Poems)

Election sovereign and free.Rom. 9:20-23.Behold the potter and the clay,He forms his vessels as he please:Such is our God, and ...

Psalm 10 (Isaac Watts Poems)

Prayer heard, saints saved, and oppressors punished.For a humiliation day.Why doth the Lord stand off so far?And why conceal his ...

Psalm 78 part 4 (Isaac Watts Poems)

v.32ffL. M.Backsliding and forgiveness; or, Sin punished and saints saved.Great God, how oft did Isr'el proveBy turns thine anger and ...

Hymn 8 (Isaac Watts Poems)

The tree of life[COME, Jet us join a joyful tune,To our exalted Lord,Ye saints on high around his throne,And we ...

Psalm 138 (Isaac Watts Poems)

Restoring and preserving grace.[With all my powers of heart and tongueI'll praise my Maker in my song:Angels shall hear the ...

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