Henry Van Dyke Poems (241 Poems)

Vera (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

IA silent world,-yet full of vital joyUttered in rhythmic movements manifold,And sunbeams flashing on the face of thingsLike sudden smilings ...

The Toiling Of Felix (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

IPRELUDE   Hear a word that Jesus spake    Nineteen hundred years ago,    Where the crimson lilies blow   Round the blue Tiberian lake:   There the bread of ...

Texas (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

A DEMOCRATIC ODEITHE WILD-BEESAll along the Brazos river,All along the Colorado,In the valleys and the lowlandsWhere the trees were tall ...

The Grand Canyon (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

DAYBREAKWhat makes the lingering Night so cling to thee?Thou vast, profound, primeval hiding-placeOf ancient secrets,-gray and ghostly gulfCleft in the green ...

Ode To Peace (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

IIN EXCELSISTwo dwellings, Peace, are thine. One is the mountain-height,Uplifted in the loneliness of light Beyond the realm of shadows,-fine,And far, and ...

Carmina Festiva (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

THE LITTLE-NECK CLAMA modern verse-sequence, showing how a native American subject, strictly realistic, may be treated in various manners adapted ...

Little Boatie (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

A Slumber Song For The Fisherman's Child     Furl your sail, my little boatie;       Here's the haven, still and deep,     Where the dreaming tides, ...

The Signs (Henry Van Dyke Poems)

Dedicated to the Zodiac ClubWho knows how many thousand years agoThe twelvefold Zodiac was made to showThe course of stars ...

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