Henry Lawson Poems (510 Poems)

Ruth (Henry Lawson Poems)

All is well-in a prison-to-night, and the warders are crying 'All's Well!'I must speak, for the sake of my heart-if ...

With Dickens (Henry Lawson Poems)

In Windsor Terrace, number four,  I've taken my abode-A little crescent from the street,  A bight from City Road;And, hard up and ...

Lily (Henry Lawson Poems)

I SCORN the man-a fool at most,  And ignorant and blind-Who loves to go about and boast  "He understands mankind."I thought I ...

The God-Forgotte (Henry Lawson Poems)

PAT M'DURMER brought the tidings to the town of God-Forgotten :  'There are lively days before ye-commin Parlymint's dissolved!'And the boys ...

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