Hattie Howard Poems on Kings & Queens (11 Poems)

Honest John (Hattie Howard Poems)

He was a man whose lot was cast,   As some might think, in lines severe;  In humble toil whose life was passed   From ...

Indian Summer. (Hattie Howard Poems)

Is it not our bounden duty   Harsh and bitter thoughts to quell,   Wild, ambitions schemes repel,  And to revel in the beauty   Of this ...

Christmas At Church (Hattie Howard Poems)

'Twas drawing near the holiday,      When piety and pity met  In whisp'ring council, and agreed  That Christmas time, in homes of need,    Should be ...

Be Courteous (Hattie Howard Poems)

Ah, yes; why not? Is one more adventitious born  Than others--shekels richer, honors fuller, and all that--   That he can pass his ...

Snowflakes (Hattie Howard Poems)

Of specious weight like tissue freight  The snowflakes are--in sparkle pure    As the rich _parure_  A lovely queen were proud to wear;  As volatile, ...

The Charter Oak (Hattie Howard Poems)

I seem to see the old tree stand,   Its sturdy, giant form  A spectacle remembered, and  A pilgrim-shrine for all the land   Before it ...

Apple Blossoms (Hattie Howard Poems)

Of all the lovely blossoms      That decorate the trees,     And shower down their petals      With every breath of breeze,  There is nothing so sweet ...

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