Hattie Howard Poems on Happiness (17 Poems)

Thanksgiving (Hattie Howard Poems)

Nature, erewhile so marvelously lovely, is bereft        Of her supernal charm;  And with the few dead garlands of departed splendor left,        Like crape ...

Epithalamium (Hattie Howard Poems)

I.  "Whom God hath joined"--ah, this sententious phrase  A meaning deeper than the sea conveys,  And of a sweet and solemn service tells  With ...

Never Had A Chance (Hattie Howard Poems)

Fresh from piano, school, and books,  A happy girl with rosy looks   Young Plowman wooed and won; despite  Her pretty, pouting prejudice,  Her deep ...

The Student Gone (Hattie Howard Poems)

So soon he fell, the world will never know    What possibilities within him lay,  What hopes irradiated his young life,  With high ambition ...

Christmas At Church (Hattie Howard Poems)

'Twas drawing near the holiday,      When piety and pity met  In whisp'ring council, and agreed  That Christmas time, in homes of need,    Should be ...

The Summer House (Hattie Howard Poems)

Midway upon the lawn it stands,   So picturesque and pretty;  Upreared by patient artist hands,   Admired of all the city;  The very arbor of ...

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