Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems on Gold (17 Poems)

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    Change (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    Change is the order of the universe.Worlds wax and wane; suns die and stars are born.Two atoms of cosmic dust unite, cohere–And lo the building of a world begun.On all things–high or low, or great or small–Earth, ocean, mountain, mammoth, … Continue reading

    Fame (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    Dust of the desert are thy walls And temple-towers, O Babylon!O’er crumbled halls the lizard crawls, And serpents bask in blaze of sun. In vain kings piled the Pyramids; Their tombs were robbed by ruthless hands.Who now shall sing their fame and deeds, Or … Continue reading

    Spring (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    Delightful harbinger of joys to come, Of summer’s verdure and a fruitful year,Who bids thee o’er our northern snow-fields roam, And make all gladness in thy bright career?Lo from the Indian Isle thou dost appear, And dost a thousand pleasures with thee bring:But … Continue reading

    Christmas Eve (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    From church and chapel and dome and tower, Near–far and everywhere,The merry bells chime loud and clear Upon the frosty air. All down the marble avenues The lamp-lit casements glow,And from an hundred palaces Glad carols float and flow. A thousand lamps from street … Continue reading

    The Minstrel (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    [From the German of Goethe] [_Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship, Book 2, Chap. 2._] “What hear I at the gateway ringing?What bard upon the drawbridge singing?Go bid him to repeat his songHere, in the hall amid the throng,”The monarch cried;The little page … Continue reading

    The Draft (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    [January, 1865.] Old Father Abe has issued his “Call”For Three Hundred Thousand more!By Jupiter, boys, he is after you all–Lamed and maimed–tall and small–With his drag-net spread for a general haul Of the “suckers” uncaught before. I am sorry to see … Continue reading

    My Heart’s On The Rhine (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    [From the German of Wolfgang Muller.] My heart’s on the Rhine–in the old Father-land;Where my cradle was rocked by a dear mother’s hand,My youth and my friends–they are there yet, I know,And my love dreams of me with her cheeks … Continue reading

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