Ezra Pound Poems (146 Poems)

Albatre (Ezra Pound Poems)

This lady in the white bath-robe which she calls apeignoir,Is, for the time being, the mistress of my friend,And the ...

Marvoil (Ezra Pound Poems)

A poor clerk I, 'Arnaut the less' they call me,And because I have small mind to sitDay long, long day ...

IN DURANCE (Ezra Pound Poems)

(1907)1 am homesick after mine own kind,Oh I know that there are folk about me, friendly faces,But I am homesick ...

The Bellaires (Ezra Pound Poems)

The good BellairesDo not understand the conduct of this world's affairs.In fact they understood them so badlyThat they have had ...

MAUBERLEY (Ezra Pound Poems)

ITurned from the 'eau-fortePar Jaquemart'To the strait headOf Messalina:'His true PenelopeWas Flaubert,'And his toolThe engraver's.Firmness,Not the full smile,His art, but ...

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