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    Her smile was shaped like other smiles (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    514 Her smile was shaped like other smiles-The Dimples ran along-And still it hurt you, as some BirdDid hoist herself, to sing,Then recollect a Ball, she got-And hold upon the Twig,Convulsive, while the Music broke-Like Beads-among the Bog- (Emily Dickinson)

    To my quick ear the Leaves-confe (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    To my quick ear the Leaves-conferred-The Bushes-they were Bells-I could not find a PrivacyFrom Nature’s sentinels- In Cave if I presumed to hideThe Walls-begun to tell-Creation seemed a mighty Crack-To make me visible- (Emily Dickinson)

    Of Consciousnes (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    894 Of Consciousness, her awful MateThe Soul cannot be rid-As easy the secreting herBehind the Eyes of God. The deepest hid is sighted firstAnd scant to Him the Crowd-What triple Lenses burn uponThe Escapade from God- (Emily Dickinson)

    If this is (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    120 If this is “fading”Oh let me immediately “fade”!If this is “dying”Bury me, in such a shroud of red!If this is “sleep,”On such a nightHow proud to shut the eye!Good Evening, gentle Fellow men!Peacock presumes to die! (Emily Dickinson)

    I saw no Way-The Heavens were stitched (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    378 I saw no Way-The Heavens were stitched-I felt the Columns close-The Earth reversed her Hemispheres-I touched the Universe- And back it slid-and I alone-A Speck upon a Ball-Went out upon Circumference-Beyond the Dip of Bell- (Emily Dickinson)

    To my small Hearth His fire came (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    638 To my small Hearth His fire came-And all my House aglowDid fan and rock, with sudden light-‘Twas Sunrise-’twas the Sky- Impanelled from no Summer brief-With limit of Decay-‘Twas Noon-without the News of Night-Nay, Nature, it was Day- (Emily Dickinson)

    The Mountains-gr (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    757 The Mountains-grow unnoticed-Their Purple figures riseWithout attempt-Exhaustion-Assistance-or Applause- In Their Eternal FacesThe Sun-with just delightLooks long-and last-and golden-For fellowship-at night- (Emily Dickinson)

    My best Acquaintance (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    932 My best Acquaintances are thoseWith Whom I spoke no Word-The Stars that stated come to TownEsteemed Me never rudeAlthough to their Celestial CallI failed to make reply-My constant-reverential FaceSufficient Courtesy. (Emily Dickinson)

    She died-this was the way she died (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    150 She died-this was the way she died.And when her breath was doneTook up her simple wardrobeAnd started for the sun.Her little figure at the gateThe Angels must have spied,Since I could never find herUpon the mortal side. (Emily Dickinson)

    We met as Sparks-Diver (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    958 We met as Sparks-Diverging FlintsSent various-scattered ways-We parted as the Central FlintWere cloven with an Adze-Subsisting on the Light We boreBefore We felt the Dark-A Flint unto this Day-perhaps-But for that single Spark. (Emily Dickinson)

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