Denise Levertov Poems (64 Poems)

Clouds (Denise Levertov Poems)

The clouds as I see them, risingurgently, roseate in themounting of somber powersurging in evening haste overroofs and hermeticgrim walls-Last ...

Goodbye To Tolerance (Denise Levertov Poems)

Genial poets, pink-facedearnest wits-you have given the worldsome choice morsels,gobbets of language presentedas one presents T-bone steakand Cherries Jubilee.Goodbye, goodbye,I ...

Caedmon (Denise Levertov Poems)

All others talked as iftalk were a dance.Clodhopper I, with clumsy feetwould break the gliding ring.Early I learned tohunch myselfclose ...

Eros (Denise Levertov Poems)

The flowerlikeanimal perfumein the god's curlyhair -don't assumethat like a flowerhis attributesare there to temptyou ordirect the moth'shunger -simply he ...

Web (Denise Levertov Poem)

Intricate and untraceable weaving and interweaving, dark strand with light: designed, beyond all spiderly contrivance, to link, not to entrap: ...

Settling (Denise Levertov Poem)

I was welcomed here-clear gold of late summer, of opening autumn, the dawn eagle sunning himself on the highest tree, ...

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