Czeslaw Milosz Poems (77 Poems)

A Hall (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

The road led straight to the temple.Notre Dame, though not Gothic at all.The huge doors were closed. I chose one ...

An Hour (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

Leaves glowing in the sun, zealous hum of bumblebees,From afar, from somewhere beyond the river, echoes of lingering voicesAnd the ...

Winter (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

The pungent smells of a California winter, Grayness and rosiness, an almost transparent full moon. I add logs to the ...

Artificer (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

Burning, he walks in the stream of flickering letters, clarinets, machines throbbing quicker than the heart, lopped-off heads, silk canvases, ...

Incantation (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

Human reason is beautiful and invincible.No bars, no barbed wire, no pulping of books,No sentence of banishment can prevail against ...

On Angels (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

All was taken away from you: white dresses,wings, even existence.Yet I believe you,messengers. There, where the world is turned inside ...

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