Charles Bukowski Poems (167 Poems)

The Crunch (Charles Bukowski Poems)

too much too little too fattoo thinor nobody. laughter ortears haterslovers strangers with faces likethe backs ofthumb tacks armies running ...

German (Charles Bukowski Poems)

being the German kid in the 20's in Los Angeleswas difficult.there was much anti-German feeling then,a carry-over from World War ...

My Computer (Charles Bukowski Poems)

what? they say, "you got acomputer?"it's like I have sold out tothe enemy.I had no idea so manypeople were prejudicedagainstcomputers.even ...

Gas (Charles Bukowski Poems)

my grandmother had a serious gasproblem.we only saw her on Sunday.she'd sit down to dinnerand she'd have gas.she was very ...

Splash (Charles Bukowski Poems)

the illusion is that you are simplyreading this poem.the reality is that this ismore than apoem.this is a beggar's knife.this ...

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