C J Dennis Poems on Money & Wealth (80 Poems)

Blokes (C J Dennis Poems)

Blokes ~ 'ErbDo you know 'Erb?  Now, there's a dinkum sport. If football's on your mind, why, 'Erb's the sort ...

Emily Ann (C J Dennis Poems)

Government muddles, departments dazed,Fear and confusion wherever he gazed;  Order insulted, authority spurned,  Dread and distraction wherever he turned -Oh, ...

Mar (C J Dennis Poems)

'Er pore dear Par. she sez, "'e kept a store";An' then she weeps an' stares 'ard at the floor.  "'Twas ...

Cow (C J Dennis Poems)

Aw, go write yer tinklin' jingle, an' yer pretty phrases mingle,Fer the mamby-pamby girl, all fluffy frill an' shinin' silk.Them's ...

An Appeal to Women (C J Dennis Poems)

O ye women!  WIMMIN!  WEEMIN!!See our tears repentant streamin'!See the pearly drops a-gleamin',  Streamin' from our rheumy eye!Mark our weskits ...

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