Amy Lowell Poems (204 Poems)

At Night (Amy Lowell Poem)

The wind is singing through the trees to-night, A deep-voiced song of rushing cadences And crashing intervals. No summer breeze ...

A Tulip Garden (Amy Lowell Poem)

Guarded within the old red wall's embrace, Marshalled like soldiers in gay company, The tulips stand arrayed. Here infantry Wheels ...

The End (Amy Lowell Poem)

Throughout the echoing chambers of my brain I hear your words in mournful cadence toll Like some slow passing-bell which ...

Music (Amy Lowell Poem)

The neighbour sits in his window and plays the flute. From my bed I can hear him, And the round ...

The Fruit Shop (Amy Lowell Poem)

Cross-ribboned shoes; a muslin gown, High-waisted, girdled with bright blue; A straw poke bonnet which hid the frown She pluckered ...

The Allies (Amy Lowell Poem)

August 14th, 1914 Into the brazen, burnished sky, the cry hurls itself. The zigzagging cry of hoarse throats, it floats ...

The Way (Amy Lowell Poem)

At first a mere thread of a footpath half blotted out by the grasses Sweeping triumphant across it, it wound ...

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