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    Towns in Colour (Amy Lowell Poems)

    I Red Slippers Red slippers in a shop-window, and outside in the street, flaws of grey,windy sleet! Behind the polished glass, the slippers hang in long threads of red,festooning from the ceiling like stalactites of blood, flooding the eyesof passers-by … Continue reading

    Lilacs (Amy Lowell Poems)

    Lilacs, False blue, White, Purple, Color of lilac, Your great puffs of flowers Are everywhere in this my New England. Among your heart-shaped leaves Orange orioles hop like music-box birds and sing Their little weak soft songs; In the crooks … Continue reading

    The Swans (Amy Lowell Poems)

    The swans float and float  Along the moat  Around the Bishop’s garden,  And the white clouds push  Across a blue sky  With edges that seem to draw in and harden.   Two slim men of white bronze  Beat each with … Continue reading

    Twenty-Four Hokku On A Modern Theme (Amy Lowell Poems)

    I   Again the larkspur,  Heavenly blue in my garden.  They, at least, unchanged.         II   How have I hurt you?  You look at me with pale eyes,  But these are my tears.       … Continue reading

    Stravinsky’s (Amy Lowell Poems)

    First Movement Thin-voiced, nasal pipesDrawing sound out and outUntil it is a screeching thread,Sharp and cutting, sharp and cutting,It hurts.Whee-e-e!Bump! Bump! Tong-ti-bump!There are drums here,Banging,And wooden shoes beating the round, grey stonesOf the market-place.Whee-e-e!Sabots slapping the worn, old stones,And a … Continue reading

    Diya (Amy Lowell Poems)

    Look, Dear, how bright the moonlight is to-night! See where it casts the shadow of that tree Far out upon the grass. And every gust Of light night wind comes laden with the scent Of opening flowers which never bloom … Continue reading

    In A Time Of Dearth (Amy Lowell Poems)

    Before me,On either side of me,I see sand.If I turn the corner of my house,I see sand,Long, brownLines and levels of flatSand. If I could only see a caravanHeave over the edge of it:The camels wobbling and swaying,Stepping like ostriches,With … Continue reading

    In Excelsis (Amy Lowell Poems)

    You — you — Your shadow is sunlight on a plate of silver; Your footsteps, the seeding-place of lilies; Your hands moving, a chime of bells across a windless air. The movement of your hands is the long, golden running … Continue reading

    Penumbra (Amy Lowell Poems)

    As I sit here in the quiet Summer night, Suddenly, from the distant road, there comes The grind and rush of an electric car. And, from still farther off, An engine puffs sharply, Followed by the drawn-out shunting scrape of … Continue reading

    La Ronde Du Diable (Amy Lowell Poems)

    Here we go round the ivy-bush,  And that’s a tune we all dance to.  Little poet people snatching ivy,  Trying to prevent one another from snatching ivy.  If you get a leaf, there’s another for me;  Look at the bush.  … Continue reading

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