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    The Iliad: Book 20 (Homer Poems)

    Thus, then, did the Achaeans arm by their ships round you, O sonof Peleus, who were hungering for battle; while the Trojans overagainst them armed upon the rise of the plain.Meanwhile Jove from the top of many-delled Olympus, bade Themisgather … Continue reading

    Carric-Thura (James Macpherson Poems)

    Fingal, returning from an expedition which he had made into the Roman province, resolved to visit Cathulla, king of Inistore, and brother to Comala, whose story is related at large in the preceding dramatic poem. Upon his coming in sight … Continue reading

    The Iliad: Book 19 (Homer Poems)

    Now when Dawn in robe of saffron was hasting from the streams ofOceanus, to bring light to mortals and immortals, Thetis reached theships with the armour that the god had given her. She found her sonfallen about the body of … Continue reading

    Fingal – Book IV (James Macpherson Poems)

    ARGUMENT. The action of the poem being suspended by night, Ossian takes the opportunity to relate his own actions at the lake of Lego, and his courtship of Everallin, who was the mother of Oscar, and had died some time … Continue reading

    Cathloda – Duan III (James Macpherson Poems)

    Ossian, after some general reflections, describes the situation of Fingal, and the position of the army of Lochlin. – The conversation of Starno and Swaran. – The episode of Corman-trunar and Foina-bragal. – Starno, from his own example, recommends to … Continue reading

    Ogyges (Henry Kendall Poems)

    Stand out, swift-footed leaders of the horns,And draw strong breath, and fill the hollowy cliffWith shocks of clamour, – let the chasm takeThe noise of many trumpets, lest the huntShould die across the dim Aonian hills,Nor break through thunder and … Continue reading

    Pygmalion (Grace Greenwood Poems)

    THE sculptor paused before his finished work, –A wondrous statue of divinest mould.Like Cytherea’s were the rounded limbs,The hands, in whose soft fulness, still and deep,Like sleeping Loves, the chiselled dimples lay,The hair’s rich fall, the lip’s exquisite curve.But most … Continue reading

    The Legend of the New Year (Kate Seymour Maclean Poems)

    I dreamed, and lo, I saw in my dream a beautiful gateway, Arched at the top, and crowned with turrets lance-windowed and olden, And sculptured in arabesque, all knotted and woven and spangled; A wonderful legend ran, in letters purple and golden Written in … Continue reading

    Erin, Mavourneen (Nora Pembroke Poems)

    A Prize Poem. I know Canada is fair to see, and pleasant; it is wellOn the banks of its broad river ‘neath the maple trees to dwell;But the heart is very wilful, and in sorrow or in mirth,Mine will turn … Continue reading

    Daphne (Henry Kendall Poems)

    Daphne! Ladon’s daughter, Daphne! Set thyself in silver light,Take thy thoughts of fairest texture, weave them into words of white —Weave the rhyme of rose-lipped Daphne, nymph of wooded stream and shade,Flying love of bright Apollo, — fleeting type of … Continue reading

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